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Tri-State Hood Cleaning is a local business specializing in commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning. Our top-to-bottom cleaning strategies adhere strictly to regional inspection standards. With our professional cleaners on the case, your kitchen will stay clean, compliant, and safe year-round.

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Professional Ventilation Hood Cleaning

The cleanliness and safety of your commercial kitchen is often a hotspot issue when it comes to passing health inspections and securing low premiums on insurance policies. This oft-neglected component of your kitchen-s cleaning program is a liability if not done properly.

Enter Tri-State Hood Cleaning. We are a licensed and insured business with specialized training in ventilation system cleaning. Our seasoned technicians use a winning combination of advanced equipment, food-safe cleaning agents, and proven manual techniques to remove the tough build-up of grease, oil, and dust compromising your vent hood.

On any given service, we perform all-around, in-depth deep cleans of every element of the exhaust system, including:

  • Ducts
  • Grease traps
  • Vents
  • Fans
  • Exterior surfaces

Restore your exhaust system to like-new condition. One visit from us is all it takes.

In-Depth Hood Cleaning Services

A clean, fully operational kitchen is so much more than meets the eye. The function of your vent hood depends on its inner workings—not only its clean exterior. Our employees are extensively vetted and trained professionals. We-re well-versed in the structural make-up of a sound exhaust system, and our cleaning services are designed to upkeep them to professional standards.

To that end, we do so much more than clean. We thoroughly inspect every inch of ventilation hoods inside and out to ensure their operational integrity. If we detect any deficiencies or potential concerns, we-ll be sure to include our findings in our official service summary. By the way, our post-service document will contain photographs and detailed descriptions of the completed work for your reference and future claims.

Find out obligation-free what our service will cost. We-re pleased to offer non-committal estimates to all our prospective customers. There-s nothing to lose and only a safer kitchen to gain. Request your estimate today.

Why Outsource Vent Hood Cleaning

Effective hood cleaning is a complex sequence of events that requires specialized knowledge and training to perform. Your kitchen-s exhaust fan is a breeding ground for grease deposits, and as such, improper or insufficient exhaust cleaning is a leading cause of kitchen fires. The safety of your kitchen is paramount—don-t trust your cleaning regimen to anyone but the seasoned pros.

Our hood cleaning services:

  • Reduce the risk of kitchen fires
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Increase the overall safety of property and employees
  • Increase equipment performance
  • Extend the lifespan of equipment

A safe, healthier kitchen space is only a phone call away. Schedule your appointment with us now.

Book Your Exhaust Cleaning Service

Tri-State Hood Cleaning offers a specialized hood cleaning service for commercial kitchens of all sizes, in all types of facilities. Our technicians stand apart for our thorough, documented cleaning strategies and start-to-finish professionalism.

We offer one-time and routine cleaning services. Drop us a line to learn more.

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